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What is Moon?


Web application

Moon is a web application that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Amazon Web Service

AWS offers cloud servers to host applications, providing high availability and redundancy, as well as allowing new features and fixes to be sent to the application within minutes.


Used to build modern, high-performance screens and interfaces. It provides easy maintenance as it has an architecture based on reusable components.

Ruby on Rails

Framework for web application development. It allows greater flexibility in development, and facilitates system maintenance.

Moon is a maintenance, operation, and asset monitoring management system.

MOON is 100% Online


Remote monitoring of
maintenance assets.


MOON is mobile


Evolution in the Palm of Your Hand

With Moon you have access to the Mobile application to control the closing of OS's. All the benefits of Moon in the palm of your hand!

100% Digital

With QR Codes sticked on the equipment, the inspector can have online access to Moon and view the reports and maintenance histories of each equipment. We eliminate paper and especially the risk of losing important information related to maintenance.

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