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Building infrastructure

  • Maintenance and Operation of electrical systems;

  • Maintenance and Operation in LPS systems;​

  • Maintenance and Operation of instrumentation systems;

  • Maintenance and Operation in automation systems;​

  • Maintenance and Operation in a power generation system

  • emergency (GMG)​;

  • Maintenance and Operation in a structured network system;

  • Maintenance and Operation of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS);​

  • Maintenance and Operation in air conditioning system;

  • Maintenance and Operation in a precision air conditioning system;

  • Maintenance and Operation in BUS-WAY;

  • Maintenance and Operation in hydrosanitary systems;

  • ​Maintenance and Operation in CCTV systems, Access Control;

  • ​Maintenance and Operation of fire detection and fighting systems;

  • ​Maintenance and Repairs in civil systems;

  • ​Field maintenance and operation;

  • ​Thermographic inspection;

  • ​Analysis and chemical water treatment.

Building maintenance


  • Building and technical operation and maintenance

  • Conservation and cleaning.

  • Maintenance of green areas.

  • Access control / concierge and emergency service.

  • Hospitality - reception and concierge

  • Logistics planning and operation.

  • Utility monitoring and management.



  • Reinforced concrete structures;

  • Buildings;

  • Execution of the sewage system;
    Working on greenfield and brownfield projects;

  • Execution of turnkey, epc and epcm works;

  • Retrofit of corporate buildings;

  • Infrastructure works;

  • Earthworks;

  • Foundation and equipment bases;

  • Paving;

  • Structural reinforcement;

  • Construction of sheds ;

  • Construction in precast concrete;

Building automation


We offer Building Automation systems designed to meet the specific demands of each case.


We eliminate paper and especially the risk of losing important information related to maintenance.


Our Critical Operations Center monitors and tracks the building 24x7x365


Far beyond
Building Infrastructure


We are specialized in preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance, in addition to online monitoring in the areas of electrical, electronics, air conditioning, hydraulics, structured cabling network, automation and telephony of highly Critical facilities such as Data Centers and safe rooms. The team of professionals involved has specialized training and serves 7x24 on-call, in addition to technical assistance in:

  • Transformer substations.

  • Power Generators.

  • UPS – Uninterrupt Power System.

  • Precision air conditioning.

  • Structured cabling.

  • Closed TV circuit.

  • Air conditioning systems.

  • Busway terminal.

  • TTA panels.


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