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Industrial Infrastructure

With a solid and comprehensive structure, innovative and customized solutions, taking care of assets and conserving facilities to increase your company's productivity and performance.

Operation and Maintenance of Industrial Processes

  • Preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance in specialties

  • Onshore Field Operation

  • Instrumentation and automation

  • Industrial painting

  • Welding and machining

  • Maintenance in large and medium-sized operational shutdowns

  • Boilers maintenance

  • Turbomachinery maintenance

  • Chrome plating

  • Installation and replacement of duct sections

  • Construction / assembly / commissioning and operation of medium and large units

  • Corrosion monitoring

  • Installation of equipment and accessories

  • Sample collection and chemical analysis

  • Cargo handling

  • Instrument Calibration and Maintenance


Electricity Networks and Distribution

  • Planning and execution of services with geopositioning;​

  • Maintenance of low and medium voltage electrical network;

  • Power measurement;

  • Technical trees pruning;

  • Camera inspection and repair;

  • Grid Connection, disconnection and reconnection;

  • Expansion of overhead and underground networks.

Service Center

  • Valves

  • Rotaries parts

  • Electric motors

  • Heat exchangers

  • Piping

  • Extruders

  • Laser and offshore delineation and scanning

  • Manufacture of spools and structures

  • Onshore and offshore paintings

  • Scaffolding supply and assembly

  • Services with industrial climbers

  • Specialized engineering services



  • Working on greenfield and brownfield projects;
    Execution of turnkey, EPC and EPCM works;

  • Retrofit of corporate spaces;

  • Industrial infrastructure;

  • Earthworks;

  • Foundation and equipment bases;

  • Paving;

  • Drainage;

  • Structural reinforcement;

  • Construction of industrial sheds;

  • Construction in precast concrete;

  • Environmental recovery.


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