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Corporate governance

Grupo RCS has a Corporate Governance code, with an independent Board of Directors and President, who determine the strategies and guide the company to ensure management reliability for its stakeholders. In addition, it values moral and ethical principles in the conduct of its actions and working relationships, based on integrity, respect and transparency.


The RCS Group is proud to have sustainability actions, always aiming at respecting the environment and the sustainable development of society. In addition to respecting the environment, the RCS Group fights against the increase in environmental problems. Among the main activities we carry out, the following stand out:

• Environmental education projects for employees.

• Reduction and correct disposal of waste.

• Selective waste collection.


Grupo RCS is proud to be able to help several families and institutions, benefiting several states in Brazil. Since October 2021, we have donated more than 30 tons of food.

More than 400 food baskets are distributed every month in the states where we operate. There are more than 7 tons of food donated every month.


Join us and let's increase the number of baskets donated!


RCS+You Project

Diversity and equality

We are committed to providing fair and equitable employment opportunities for all. We guarantee a work environment created by the diversity of employees, accessibility for people with disabilities, in addition to proposing challenges that encourage their development and inclusion through teamwork. Be part of this team, send your resume or refer someone:

People are everything to us.


Support for Sport

Grupo RCS is proud to support the care and cultivation of health through sport, believing it to be a modality of encouraging discipline and education.

Our group supports a women's and men's football team and also a tri-athlete.

Support the culture

Grupo RCS also supports culture in different ways, we are currently sponsors and supporters of a theater group, whose main theme is innovation, technology and education in children and youth, educating through art.

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